Document Cameras in Education

Mark Wagner,
Eva Wagner,

This wiki has been modified for Document Camera Training for EL Rancho High School, with AverMedia 355AF


Overview Demo

  • Setup
  • Basic Operation
  • Teacher Use
  • Student Use
  • Innovative Tips and Tricks

What Can You Do Tomorrow Activity

  • Get into groups discuss what can be done tomorrow, recorder stays, everyone else rotate
  • Share thoughts after 2 or 3 Rotations

Hands-on With Document Cameras

  • Setup
  • Basic Operation
  • Tips and Tricks

Advanced Use

  • Image Capture
    • Compare Before and After
    • Use as a Scanner
  • Included Software (Mac or PC)
  • Annotation Features
    • Add Notes
    • Create Drawings
    • Highlight Important Details
    • Erase Partial Images (Like "Covering" or "Dragging" a Transparency)
  • Recording Features

No More Homework

  • Notes at home and work in class, how to with the doc cam

How Document Cameras Change The Classroom

Application: Proof-of-Concept (Time Permitting)

Reflection Activity

Questions, Practice, and Planning (Optional)

Online Evaluation


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